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With more than 1.2 million aspiring successful Internet entrepreneurs, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the largest community and affiliate marketing platform in the world. Since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has cultivated and protected a platform where those who are getting, naturally, want to give back, others are successful and the mentality of continuing to pay.

Founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate has become one of the most valued platforms for learning about digital marketing and internet business.

The Wealthy Affiliate is not an enrichment platform, nor is it expected to make you money fast.

The Wealthy Affiliate is first and foremost an online business community and a marketing training center. If you think you’re going to start making money just by joining Wealthy Affiliate – I suggest you don’t try to start, that’s not going to happen.

This is probably the biggest difference between the WA and all other online platforms – the Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t sell false and exaggerated promises, and doesn’t promise to make you rich overnight, so if you’re looking for a shortcut to earn millions of dollars overnight, this is not for you. However, this program promises to teach, train, educate and support you.

And they do it very well, offering not only the training of the indispensable resources to transform that knowledge into money.

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Some resources available at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Real-time training and monitoring of your progress
  • Weekly live interactive classes
  • Connect with over 300 hours of specialized training
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 classes)
  • Bootcamp Affiliate Training (70 lessons)
  • Incredible Industry Training Catalog
  • Classrooms, evolving every day (12 classrooms)
  • If you can’t find the training you’re looking for, just request it. A specialist within the community is going to build!
  • Earn money by creating your own training
  • Your own blog with the authority of the Wealthy Affiliate
  • A complete platform for creating business websites with over 3,000 ready-to-use themes.
  • More than 51,000 additional resources for your “Add-Ons” site are Premiuns and most of the time they are exclusive resources for Wealthy Affiliate members.
  • SiteDomains, the only all-inclusive domain platform in the world, Included in all areas is the protection of WHOIS privacy, 24/7 support, warranty prices for the following year, domain security, unlimited email accounts, advanced DNS management and instant setup.
  • SiteSpeed, to amplify the speed of your website
  • SiteProtect, increasing protection against spam
  • SiteHealth, Complete Website Analysis
  • SiteComments, exploit your site commitment
  • SiteFeedback, a focus group for your website
  • Advanced training for the creation and maintenance of WordPress websites. More than 100 modules available.
  • SiteSSL – free SSL certificates for all your websites.
  • Premium hosting for WordPress like you’ve never seen before
  • 24/7 Managed Monitoring
  • Automated monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 24/7/365 Website Support – Average Response <5 minutes!
  • Protection against viruses and malware
  • Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites of everything without paying anything for it.
  • Content Creation Platform.
  • Beautify your content with over 1,000,000 beautiful images and graphics.
  • Grammar and spelling perfection
  • High performance plagiarism tester.
  • Models for the efficiency of your content structure.
  • The amazing Jaaxy Keyword & Research Platform, Access keyword search and analysis tools like no other place. Millions of dollars w of millions of words at the click of a button.
  • SiteRank, analyzing your website ranking
  • Disclosure of market niche and detection of opportunities.
  • Successful reverse engineering websites
  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Discover Incredibly Valuable Domains
  • A community that cares. Connect with the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs.
  • Networking with 1.2 million strong members, available 24 hours a day every day.
  • Expert Mentoring and Support
  • Access to the Ambassador Program and other benefits.
  • A support system like no other.
  • Direct and immediate support with access to Wealthy Affiliate chat.
  • Guardianship of the Founders
  • Direct access to over 10,000 industry experts
  • Website / WordPress Support
  • Stories and success stories are published daily by members willing to exchange experiences and help.

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How much does all this cost?

Well, obviously you’re not going to have unlimited and unrestricted access if you’re not willing to invest.

As a free member you have access to many things, but either way you are just a snack on the platform as anywhere else.

To access all the advanced tools you need to upgrade to Premium. And premium access costs me about $49 a month when I write.

Let’s make a quick count to see how much it’s worth compared to how much it costs.

  • Premium hosting. Average cost of $30 per month with 1/3 of the resources.
  • Access to over 1000 hours of training. Average cost of 50 dollars a month.
  • Access to the tools costs an average of more than $100 per month.

That is, 3 features of the platform if purchased elsewhere for only one month, are already worth more than the annual access to all resources.

Especially if you’re still not convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is your best chance, just do a quick Google search. And you’re going to find that 100% of the tests in relation to her are positive.

Remember that registration is 100% free and only upgrade to Premium when you feel comfortable.

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What can I do to make money with the Wealthy Affiliate?

When you have access to the platform, you will discover through the trainings, everything, absolutely everything that can be done to make money online.

But I’m going to give you some ideas of what you can do here, to discover more opportunities you’ll have to watch the trainings.

  • You can specialize in various areas of digital marketing and provide advice to individuals and businesses.


  • You can specialize in SEO and provide advice or create an agency.


  • You can specialize in creating websites and working in the area.


  • You can create a member site and sell courses to affiliates and make affiliates sell to you.


  • You can take advantage of all the authority and traffic that sites made on Wealthy Affiliate have to monetize your website with affiliate and Adsense programs.


  • You can host six customers on Wealthy Affiliate websites. The servers maintained by the platform support a high volume of traffic and have the potential to be offered at a maximum of $300 per month for the capacity and resources available.


  • You can use all the knowledge learned on the platform to create e-book courses, congresses, take advantage of the structure to create audience and feed your network. Courses can be monetized inside or outside the platform, created and sold on your website, or available on online course platforms such as Hotmart, Clickbank, etc.


  • You can take advantage of the Creation platform to sell content.


  • You can enjoy the community to make business and friends.


  • You can do a thousand things. Whatever you want.


For whom is it recommended?

Everyone who wants to enter the platform is welcome, even if your interest is just to know.

But if you act in some areas of the online business platform can be a further differential. Like, for example.

# If you want to learn content directly from the source (as many say)

# If you work selling or building websites, Wealthy Affiliate can be a differential for having more resources for websites than anywhere else.

# If you work with SEO is optimization in general you can give goodbye to the small tools of analysis and search for keywords, competition, backlinks, etc.. On the Wealthy Affiliate platform you have absolutely everything without any surprises on your account.

# If you are a programmer and work with development you can count on powerful resources and servers, as well as having your work simplified and automated with tools that guarantee speed, security and stability in your projects.

# If you are a blogger, editor and webmaster in general and want to be agile in producing quality content, you can count on advanced features to speed up your work.

# One of the good and great advantages is that you won’t have to download programs that block your computer or hire servers just to run programs. Everything is online in the same place.

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